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Welcome to the world of Low Carb - Keto friendly products ! GREAT tasting SWEETS , No Sugar and No Aftertaste ..... sounds like a dream, right ? Well it really is the dream that came true!

LaNouba presents a supreme combination of delicious mouthfeel and harmless ingredients in one piece of pure pleasure. Enjoy smooth and delighting flavor of the best Belgian chocolate without any worries! There is no need to quickly evaluate a multi-digit number of calories into endless hours of workouts. Now you can concentrate on sweet sensation with no regrets.

Our Marshmallows taste as normal , sweet and soft but without sugars. You can even grill them on the barbeque or use them to make the best Smores !

We are proud on our Belgium production and Quality

Sugar free products contains significantly less amount of fat, compared to a plain one and yet retains that exquisite taste of confections, which we all love so much. It is achieved by using a special sweetener.  LaNouba sugar free ingredients brings the whole range of sensations to their full extent! It is worth a try it yourself to see all the benefits. In fact this is a low carb product, which is not only tooth friendly but fits perfectly into athletic lifestyle.

LaNouba – sugar free, lower in Carbs

Our goal is to ensure that you fully enjoy the taste of healthy life,  as sweet as it could be. We thoroughly examine all of our products in order to guarantee the highest quality for every piece in terms of both flavor and contents. More than just a low sugar product, LaNouba products are a state-of-art confections designed to make every day into ambrosian celebrations!

Tickle your taste buds with a touch of pure pleasure,  sugar free, no fat,  is at your service.

Experience the best Belgian healthy products.


Let yourself fulfill the desire without any regrets!   

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